Ted MacDonnell 

Ever since the age of 12 I wanted to be a WWE wrestler. I trained in the ring like a pro, learned all the theatrical moves and ran my mouth at my opponents like I was The Rock. Naturally the next move was to bulk up, I drank banana protein shakes and did 100 sit ups a day. This lasted about a year before I realised I was in Year 9 and I was more interested by FIFA and who fancied me. 

After I accepted I wasn’t going to be Piledriving Rey Mysterio into retirement I decided I had to write. So here I am. Graduating from a Creative Advertising degree at Falmouth University . Introducing you to my Portfolio, where I will openly, shamelessly, brag about skills I believe have developed and try to stand out from an extremely talented crowd.

I am currently working as an Assistant Producer on the BBH Homegrown scheme.